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Business Development utilizes a proven, process-driven approach to helping businesses improve their growth. using the latest technology, we can discover new markets and trends for our clients.


the ACT/EV system of business development


   assess: every client meeting begins with setting goals. the client must be able to articulate business needs in order to develop an action plan.  we help our partners find their true goals in improving their businesses. this process in itself is something many businesses have not thought to perform.

create plan: after the initial consultation we “take stock” of our clients’ business performance. we analyze the current expected growth and subsequently measure it against the goals set in the evaluation phase.

train: in this phase we begin the process of training clients to effectively integrate our technologies into their business processes. we build our solutions around your preexisting infrastructures and make security our top priority.

execute: with the training in place, we then develop your program. we will build a package of 3-5 technologies that are aligned with your desired goals:

  1. full-stack development
  2. WordPress development
  3. web-content specialist
  4. social media propagation
  5. Google SEO
  6. product-to-market services
  7. sales analysis
  8. email/domain management
  9. MySQL administration

validatewe evaluate progress periodically throughout the engagement to monitor and determine the suitability of the execution phase.  the end objective is to ensure the the client has achieved the desired goals and received the intended ROI from the engagement.

modern business development from a web-company that offers first-class business solutions across technologies