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SMART Goals for the New Year!

I think it’s important to take a little time at the begging of every new season or chapter of life to set some goals for the future. At the start of this year I want to consider SMART goals, an mnemonic that reminds us of the five most important aspects of any New Year’s resolutions or other plan/goal.

The letters in SMART stand for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-sensitive.

Specific effectually means that your goal has a determined success state, plan of action, and pool of resources. There must be a clear and unquestionable delineation between successfully accomplishing the goal and failing to meet the requirements. A roadmap of all major sub-steps should also be created at the onset of any larger project–one that includes a list resources and assets that are allotted to accomplishing the goal. If your goal includes a budget create one and stick with it!

Measurable goals have various meters and quantifiers of success embedded in their design. Being able to measure and analyze progress offers a sense of incremental accomplishment that helps us stay motivated from start to finish.

Achievable goals are built upon realistic expectations. While it might seem wise to always shoot for the stars, science shows that we benefit more from well-executed small and medium-sized projects, rather than overreaching and seeing either mediocre results or a total abandonment of our goal.

Relevant goals make sense in the context of our lives. At the end of the day it’s only goals that align with our core passions and beliefs that see the best rates of success. If a project or goal goes against our own drive to succeed, there’s no way it’s gonna get done. Plain and simple.

Time-sensitive goals follow a timetable. The act of creating (and committing to)  deadlines is most important regarding increased rates of the success.  Periodic review and benchmarking must be set in place from the onset, or else the project has no possibility of succeeding.

When we set our goals the SMART way, we set ourselves up for successful ventures across our business and personal endeavors. Whether it’s 5 lbs. of belly fat or the $5 challenge–nothing gets the job done like a good plan!

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