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Wonders Found at Local Museum

So fast fly the hours. For me Summer was a lot of work and travel, and I’m lucky to have had such an amazing time.

The saturated colors are pretty true to life from this painting seen at the Princeton Univ. Art Museum.

In July, I almost wrote an article about some museums I had visited, but alas the blog fell on the back burner for a moment.

I can remember two types of Summer in my life: the ones like this past one, where I barely had a moment to catch my breath between, and the ones where I don’t wander much further than the woods behind the house for the stretch of a season.

Sometimes, I’d like to get back to wandering the woods.

The Officers’ House at The Old Barracks Museum in Trenton, NJ, the last remaining of its kind from The Seven Years War (c. 1758)

The solitude of forests is so different from the solitude of desert and sea. This blog started with a meditation on shin-rin-yoku (“Forest Bathing”) as an interesting health study. Now my thoughts meander back into that place—“the mountains they are calling”  said John Muir.


My second favorite season. The season where all the leaves turn brown, truly an all time classic of temperate deciduous forest biome, 🎃🎃🎃IT’s FALL 2018🎃🎃🎃!

Cats are a sort of eldritch horror. I think of how greater cats can be quite destructive. And how cats have such mystical eyes.

Top priorty for the season is a weekend getaway to a good campgrounds. We had plans and plans to go camping but either it rained or one of us would get called in to work. It rained a lot in the Summer, but now it’s Fall.

Things begin to get a little spooky come October!

Stray Thoughts:

I got into Twitch streaming for a hot-minute. I was able to gather a dozen or so organic followers. It’d be something fun to revisit with a more set weekly schedule.

I’m probably going to move this blog to because honestly the1221 was never really an inspired of a name. I also plan on trying to build more feature rich experiences as a continued practice.

In other news, I’m going to start selling some of the photos from this site at a consignment shop. I wonder if anyone will end up buying them.

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